How To Perform The Boat Pose Properly

1. Begin in an seated position on your yoga mat and sit up straight with a long spine.

2. Lift your legs off the mat, so that they are parallel to the floor, while balancing on your sitting bones.

3. Engage your core to keep your back straight, as you lift your chest and roll your shoulders back. Keep both feet together throughout this pose.

4. Clasp your hands together behind your legs and press the arms into the shins for additional balance (alternatively, you can keep the arms at shoulder level if clasping is too challenging).

5. Inhale as you lift the chest higher towards perpendicular to the mat and exhale as you lower your upper body down towards a 45-degree angle — or further if comfortable — keeping equal weight in both sitting bones.

6. Hold for up to 5 breaths before slowly raising yourself back up to start position, or you can remain in Boat Pose for longer for an even greater challenge and benefit!

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