Camel Pose In A Twist Step By Step

1. Begin in Camel Pose (Ustrasana). To come into the pose, start on your knees with your feet hip-width apart and your thighs parallel to each other. Place your hands on the hips, and externally rotate the upper arms so that the elbow creases face forward. Lifting through the chest, arch the back and draw the tailbone toward the pubis.

2. Press into the soles of your feet and, keeping your lower body still, inhale as you reach both arms up overhead. Keeping your inner elbows facing each other press firmly out through your palms as you energetically bring them closer together above your head in an effort to open up more deeply through your chest and upper back.

3. Exhale as you twist to one side by reaching across with both arms towards one knee, with a feeling of gently stretching open any tight spots across your ribcage into an interesting twist for this pose – you can switch sides after a short hold or stay a few breaths on one side first before transitioning.

4. To exit Camel Pose Twist release both hands back down onto either side of hips and slowly press down through feet to come out of Camel Pose Twist on an exhale – then release head last when ready to move out of this pose – namely transition back into Child’s Pose for a restful counterpose (Balasana).

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