Cat pose on the forearms Step By Step

1. Begin in a kneeling position. Make sure the tops of your feet are flat on the ground and your knees are aligned directly under your hips. Place a yoga mat or towel on the floor for cushioning if necessary.

2. Place your forearms on the mat in front of you, parallel to each other with palms facing down. Make sure your elbows are lined up directly beneath your shoulders.

3. Curl your toes under and lift your hips up so that you are balanced on both hands and the balls of your feet. Spread your fingers wide and press them firmly into the mat as you extend through your arms. Make sure to keep a slight bend in both elbows throughout the pose.

4. Begin to lower your chest towards the floor as you draw in your abdominal muscles, pulling them up and away from the floor towards your spine while still keeping both elbows bent slightly at all times (this helps protect the joints). As you press down firmly through both forearms, draw in through chest by lightly engaging your arm muscles and pushing them back, away from each other like a cat stretching its back out before settling down for sleep.

5. Take several deep breaths here while allowing gravity to slowly drop your chest closer to the floor with each exhale until you feel a good stretch, then slowly come up as you inhale out of Cat pose by pressing firmly through both hands as you lift gently back into starting position.

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