Poses | The Embryo Pose In Headstand Preperation | Yoga

1. Start in a tabletop position on your hands and knees. Place a blanket or folded towel beneath your head as added support for your neck.

2. Bring your elbows shoulder-width apart, with your fingers interlaced and palms flat for stability. Ground down through both index fingers and thumbs as you lift your knees off the floor, shifting your weight onto the forearms and crown of the head.

3. Curl each of your toes under to stabilize yourself as you hug both knees into the core, motioning them closer to the chest if possible. Allow your back to round slightly so that it lifts up from its seated position, bringing more space into the chest cavity. Make sure not to let this movement go too far as it can create pressure in the back of the neck and shoulders instead of releasing them.

4. Inhale deeply through the nose, allowing each inhalation to expand into all directions of the body and torso while lifting away from gravity’s pull downwards towards the floor. This will help to prepare for Entry #2 below which is when we take our legs up over our heads into the full Embryo Pose (Garbhasana). Make sure that each inhalation is equal parts effortful and mindful so that you don’t overreact or overexert yourself before transitioning into Entry #2 below!

5. Exhale slowly through your nose as you slowly bring both legs up over your head into Garageasana (The Embryo Pose). Make sure to keep both feet flexed as you transition in order to maintain stability throughout this challenging pose! Also, be careful not to rush through this step because it is important that we take our time while making sure that no part of our body feels any strain or discomfort during this process – safety first! Once both feet are behind us we are now in full Embryo Pose!


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