Poses | The Graceful Thunderbolt Pose Holding Ankles | Yoga

To perform the graceful Thunderbolt Pose Holding Ankles properly, start by standing with your feet hips-width distance apart. Inhale and reach your arms up towards the sky, bringing your palms together at the center of your chest in Prayer Pose. On an exhale, begin to fold forward from the hips, hinging down and continuing to reach your arms out in front of you as you fold. Reach your hands down towards the ground and grab hold of each ankle with both hands. Keep your knees slightly bent as you continue to hinge forward from your hips, engaging through the core. Draw the lower belly in and up as you find length in the spine while softly drawing the head and neck down towards the legs. As you hold your ankles, draw each shoulder back away from each ear to stretch out through the neck. Keep actively engaging through the legs as if rooted firmly into the ground to keep length through all sides of this posture. To come out of this pose on an inhale, slowly press into both feet to bring one vertebra at a time back up into standing position while continuing to draw palms together at center chest in Prayer Pose overhead.


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