One Legged Reclined Hero Pose With Knee Bent

1. Begin by sitting on the floor with your spine upright and your legs stretched out in front of you.

2. Bend your right leg and place the sole of the foot against your inner left thigh. Your left leg should remain straight in front of you with the ankle flexed.

3. Bring your hands to your hips and inhale deeply, using the air to lengthen your spine.

4. As you exhale, lean back onto your palms as you lower yourself down until you’re lying flat on the floor with no support from anywhere but yourself (don’t use a blanket or bolster). You should be able to keep your torso upright as much as possible by engaging your core muscles.

5. Remain in this pose for up to 5 minutes, focusing on deep breaths and taking note of which areas of your body feel strong or tight while stretching them out in this position. Make sure to keep adjusting as needed so that you can remain comfortable throughout the entire duration of the pose.

6. To release from One Legged Reclined Hero Pose With Knee Bent Yoga, press into both palms and use them to help lift yourself back up into sitting position with both feet still extended in front of you.


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